Why We Do It

Inspired Learning

The Pushkin Trust is synonymous with creativity, inspiration and expression of the voice. Inspired by her ancestor, Alexander Pushkin, the great Russian poet, Sacha Abercorn planted the seed of the Pushkin Trust aiming to ‘unite children and adults in the common bond of creativity which transcends all the factors which otherwise might divide them’.

For over 30 years, that seed of an idea has sprouted, grown and blossomed into a large Pushkin tree. What began as a creative writing project has branched out to encompass other art forms – music, dance, sculpture and the visual arts.

The organisation has grown into an all-Ireland educational programme for the creative and personal growth of the individual, promoting a connected curriculum with an emphasis on creativity and imagination while also developing knowledge, skills and understanding.

“Over the years, the Pushkin Trust has been encouraging children and teachers in schools all over Ireland to find their ‘voice’ – to express their thoughts and feelings by creative means. In this way we have been nurturing the very root of our beings. At this time the world we live in is in great needs of a balance between our heads and our hearts, so that we may connect to the ‘tap-root’ in us all by opening us to the realm of imagination, inspiration and integration.”

The Duchess of Abercorn
Founder, Pushkin Trust

Collaborating Cultures

The Pushkin Trust brings together children and adults from diverse communities from both North and South of the border, helping to promote cross-community and cross-border interaction and an understanding of our shared and cultural heritage.

We believe that children who learn and experience other traditions and have been able to share their own heritage, grow up to be respectful and understanding of other cultures.


Developing our Future

Our children are our future and we want them to be the creators of a better future for themselves and their communities. At Pushkin we help children develop their creativity and learn how to care for and protect their environment.

Throughout our programmes, children are encouraged to find their own voice and use all of their abilities to become individuals with enterprise and entrepreneurship who can lead us into inspiring times. The skills and understanding they gain during their Pushkin experience will remain with them for life, not just for the short term.


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