Who We Do it For


At the core of the Pushkin Trust’s work is the Schools’ Programme which is a cross-curricular, cross-community and cross-border project involving primary, secondary, Irish medium and special needs schools.

Comments from primary school pupils who have participated in the Schools’ Programme: 

“I learned that I am a good leader.”

“I now know I have an imagination.”

“This has been the best week ever.”


The Pushkin Trust runs a tertiary level programme, ‘Partners in Education’, for student teachers and lecturers from Colleges of Education throughout Ireland.

This programme, usually taking place in November, involves a short weekend residential conference at Baronscourt Estate with on-campus arts and environmental facilitation.

Comments from student teachers who have participated in the Schools’ Programme: 

“One of the genuinely best things about my teaching career was discovering ‘Pushkin’ – truly inspired learning.”

“Pushkin is a truly wonderful gift to the children and teachers of Ireland, north and south, and should be a role model for so many educational systems.”



Some general info required on facilitators, who they are, the work they do and any work Pushkin does with them.

Comments from facilitators who have participated in the Pushkin programmes: 

 “The spirit of man creates institutions and institutions stifle the spirit of the man. Pushkin has not become an institution, it is alive and growing.”

“In an age of doubt and uncertainty, we need ways of seeing in the dark – to let imagination stretch and soar. Pushkin primes the pump of the imagination.”


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