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  1. Baronscourt Days – 2022

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    Baronscourt Days for Primary School Children and their teachers will take place at Baronscourt Estate on the following dates:

    Tuesday 17th May – Friday 20th May

    Tuesday 24th May – Friday 27th May

    Tuesday 7th June – Friday 10th June

    Tuesday 14th June – Friday 17th June

    Tuesday 21st June – Friday 24th June

  2. The Pushkin Pathway Programme 2022

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    The Pushkin Pathway Programme will be held at Baronscourt Estate between May and June 2022.Each Pushkin Pathway day will be cross-community and will include four Post-Primary Schools from Co. Tyrone.What makes Pushkin Pathway so special is that it builds a bridge between technology and the environment which provides a unique experience for Post Primary students which they will always benefit from. 

  3. Our Grounds

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    It looks like flowers blooming with love

    It sounds like a Cuckoo bird on its way to its baby

    It feels like thorny bushes running across my skin

    It tastes like cold air hitting my tongue

    It smells like elderflower letting its smell go wild

  4. Ploughing

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    I can see…..a small cottage in the distance and some freshly cut grass.

    I can hear…..birds chirping in the sky and trees blowing by the wind.

    I can feel… feet sinking in the mud and leaves everywhere.

    I can smell…..smoke from the cottage, pollen from the trees and flowers

  5. Passing of Pushkin Trust Patron and Founder

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    The late Duchess of Abercorn

    We, the Pushkin Trust deeply regret the death of our beloved Patron and Founder, Sacha, Duchess of Abercorn and offer our sympathy to her husband James, Duke of Abercorn and family.

    Sacha will repose at Pushkin House, Baronscourt Estate, so that friends, neighbours and those people whose lives she touched through her visionary work with the Trust might have an opportunity to pay their respects. Pushkin House will be open on Monday 17 December from 12 noon until 3pm and on Tuesday 18 December from 12noon until 7pm. A Memorial Service in thanksgiving for her life will follow at a later date.

    The Chair and Trustees

  6. Ploughing

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    Ground before as flat as a tidy bed

    The plough as dangerous as a poisonous snake

    Ground after as brown as chocolate logs

    Farmer as hard working as a doctor

    Horse as slow as a snail

  7. Opening Ground

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    A girl dug in the ground at 12 o’clock beside her house.

    She placed in the ground the sound of her granny laughing, all her cousins, friends and her family voice.

    She placed in the ground gymnastics, dancing and discos with her friends.

    She placed in the ground the sadness of her granny dying, and when she forgot her teddy in Mayo.

    She placed in the ground the happiness of spending time with her cousins in the sea and the lake.

    She placed in the ground a picture of her family.

    Then a forest grew, beside her house of her wonderful life.

    Every tree of flower would be a memory, happy or sad.

  8. Opening Ground

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    A little house among the big woods is camouflaged by flowers and trees.

    A sunset pathway leading from the forest to a new land.

    Worms dig and wriggle like a freshly silent concertino.

    A fairy house in the middle of a forest hides in moss covered tree stump.

    A white shadow sky with little sparkling stars shimmering in the water.

  9. Wonderland

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    I trip and fly through my adventurous, wondrous imagination:

    The ancient leaning trees towering over the abandoned little cottage,

    The shimmer of light shines onto the glossy river leading into the unknown…

    Sparkling fireflies dart and whizz piercing the darkness of the enchanted forest,

    The toadstools like lollipops dipped into a rainbow,

    Worms dig in and out of the clumpy soil just like fresh concertinas.

    What magical adventures will I have next?

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