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2023 – 2024 Pushkin theme is ‘Hitch the Sails’ 

Inspired from the words of Her Grace, the late Duchess of Abercorn, The Pushkin Trust’s theme for this year ‘Hitch the Sails!’, explores the element of air. It is designed to bring freedom and individuality within our learning, curiosity and wonder, as each child and educator delves into their own voice, finding inner confidence from creativity and the whispers within that breeze.

‘The cloth of Pushkin’s sail is woven from fairytale and myth that speak to us by the way of metaphor and symbol. These symbols reverberate in our ears and in our hearts long after the one who has aired them is silent.’

Sacha Abercorn, A Brief History of the Pushkin Trust, Sourcing Voices, 2014.

The thematic unit is available below to download.

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