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Where I come from

I come from Gortnatraw,
Where I belong.
I come from a family of five,
Where I am loved and cared for.
I come from a fairy tale,
That’s never been told.
I come from a game of chance,
That goes on forever,
I come from a song,
Where the words have no end.
I come from a secret,
Of friendship.
I come from a deadly game,
And I am the girl who was on fire.
I come from a box,
Filled with sparkles and diamonds.
I come from a world,
Of colour and magic.
I come from a poem,
Which gives me the passion to write.
I come from the alphabet,
So I can spell I.
I come from numbers,
And I am the number one.
I come from the light in the sky,
The heavens smiling at me.
I come from a cupboard of sweets,
Marshmallows, crisps and chocolate.
I come from bubble gum,
Strawberry, apple and mint.
That is where I come from.


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