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Sourcing Voices – Book Launch

Sourcing Voices 2The Duchess of Abercorn, Chairman of the Pushkin Trust launched ‘Sourcing Voices’ in the presence of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Alexander Yakovenko in Titanic Belfast on Thursday 30th October 2014.  The book is a resume of nearly 30 years work enabling primary school children from both the North and South of Ireland, and increasingly those in schools in Russia and further afield to find their ‘voice’.






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  1. Raymond Armstrong

    My daughter, a music teacher, received a copy of the book “Sourcing Voices” at a party on Saturday night in Donacloney. I had the chance yesterday to read a few chapters. A very interesting book and a really worth while project about which unfortunately I had heard nothing . I simply wish to say, “well done, you should be very proud of this charity”

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