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My mum is:
A sick bed soother
Likes to hoover
Neat and tidy
My mum is very bright
I don’t need to turn on the light
She likes to sleep (all the time)
So very very deep
She counts about twenty sheep
And she doesn’t even make a peep.

She’s a first class shopper
Very sweet
Gives out love
Just like a treat
She really likes to hug a lot
But it’s really really tight

She likes pups, kittens, and bunnies too
And after a bad performance she doesn’t boo
She hates noise
And buys lots of toys
She helps me with a really hard sum
I just have to say I love you mum.


  1. Sue Russell

    Just love this poem, a ‘sick bed soother, loves to hoover’ – Brilliant! This is a very lucky Mum to have something so lovely written about her!

  2. Neil

    It is very nice poem and I like the words

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