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  1. Hitch the Sails! Up and coming dates…

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    Our new theme this academic year is ‘Hitch the Sails!’, embracing the element of air.

    Inspiring Educators, two-day residential for teachers and leaders:

    22nd – 23rd October

    12th – 13th November

    Baronscourt Days for Primary Schools will commence April and May 2024

    We look forward to another wonderful year of creativity within the special and unique grounds of our private estate.

  2. Pushkin Pathways – Post-Primary Programme

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    We had three outstanding days of movement, environmental, interactive story-making and digital sound-scape workshops within the grounds of our private estate with Year 9 pupils from Drumragh Integrated College and Castlederg High School. Students and teachers were inspired during the programme as they explored through The Arts together. Doorways to self-confidence, new interests and individual abilities were opened, wide and new relationships were fostered. Well done to everyone involved!

  3. Our Baronscourt days for Primary Schools 2023

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    Between May and June 2023, we welcomed many KS2 classes and their teachers to explore the theme of ‘Reforestation of the Imagination’, and the element of earth. It was a joy to watch the children collaborate with each other through Creative Writing, Poetry, Drumming, Dance, Visual Art and Sculpture within the private grounds of Baronscourt which continue to embrace and inspire us. Children and teachers left feeling inspired and connected having spent time creating, exploring and learning new skills with other schools, cross-community. Well done to everyone involved!

  4. Pushkin Teachers Residentials

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    Principals and teachers from new schools and returning schools will participate in residential workshops which will be held on the following dates:

    • November 8th/9th

    • November 17th/18th

    The residential sessions are designed to develop the teachers’ own creativity, to inspire them with new approaches and methodologies and to introduce the Pushkin theme for the year, ‘The Spark of Stillness’. As part of the programme teachers have the opportunity to explore the environment with one of our Environmentalists, all of whom led our teachers on wonderful, informative and thought provoking walks on the estate. The teachers also have the chance to explore their own creativity through working with a Pushkin Artist Facilitator. The teachers also explore ways to apply their experience in these areas to help them develop methodologies to enhance Creative Writing in their classrooms. The teachers experience the Pushkin approach first hand to ensure they would be better equipped to plan and deliver the Pushkin experience with their pupils. Over the course of the residential session, the participating teachers are provided with:

    • our Thematic Unit to support their creative work in school

    • an outline of the Pushkin year, events and important dates

    • the list of facilitators who can support them in their work

  5. The Pushkin Pathway Programme 2020

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    The Pushkin Pathway Programme will take place at Baronscourt Estate between April & June 2020.  Further information to follow.

  6. Baronscourt Days 2020

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    Cross Community and Cross Border Baronscourt Days for School Children and their teachers are planned for the following dates:

    Tuesday 31 March 2020 – Friday 3rd April 2020

    Tuesday 21 April 2020 – Friday 24 April 2020

    Tuesday 28 April 2020 – Friday 1 May 2020

    Tuesday 5 May 2020 – Friday 8 May 2020

    Tuesday 12 May 2020 – Friday 15 May 2020

    Tuesday 19 May 2020 – Friday 22 May 2020

    Tuesday 26 May 2020 – Friday 29 May 2020

  7. Baronscourt Days – 2019

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    Baronscourt Days are planned for the following dates:

    Tuesday 26th March – Thursday 28th March

    Tuesday 2nd April – Thursday 4th April

    Tuesday 9th April – Thursday 11th April

    Tuesday 30th April – Thursday 2nd May

    Tuesday 7th May – Thursday 9th May

  8. Pushkin Pathway Programme 2019

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    We are delighted that two local Special schools are on board the Pushkin Pathway Programme for 2019, Knockavoe School, Strabane and Arvalee School, Omagh, Co. Tyrone

    Three Pushkin Pathway days will then take place on 22nd, 23rd May and 5th June at Baronscourt Estate for the young people participating.  This will include environmental and creative art workshops.  There will be a Celebration Day held at Baronscourt Estate on 6th June 2019.

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